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  • Types of Tourism
    • Domestic
      • Example: Sarah from Cardiff travelled to London for a business trip
      • Definition: travelling within the same country that you live in
    • Inbound
      • Definition: visitors from overseas coming into the country that you live in
      • Example: Daniel and his wife from Canada are visiting Spain for their honeymoon
    • Outbound
      • Definition: travelling out of the country for a visit or holiday
      • Example: Mr Gerrard took his family from England to Orlando for a holiday




I miss traveling so much! I hope that the situation in the world will improve soon and we will be able to travel again


I miss traveling too! There are several very important points in my list of countries that I want to visit: Russia (St. Petersburg and Baikal), as well as Norway. I am just now doing the paperwork to fly to Russia, I found cool guys on the internet. And I hope to see St. Petersburg soon. Are there those who have been to Russia? Maybe you can advise what else to see?



Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article! It's the little changes which will make the biggest changes. Thanks for sharing! Paisley Park


To be honest, I rarely travel due to the amount of work I need to do in the US to advance my career. But my tiredness has accumulated and I have planned a vacation for this season and I want to visit the elite resort of Bora Bora. I found out all the information about him on this site https://tripbirdie.com/bora-bora-overwater-bungalows/ and now I want to go there even more. I'm flying with my boyfriend. I am sure this trip will be unforgettable for us.

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