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The main types of tourism !

1) Domestic
Domestic tourism is tourism involving residents of one country traveling only within that country. A domestic holiday is a holiday (vacation) spent in the same country; this class may overlap with staycation (in British English), a vacation spent in the same region.
2) Outbound
Outbound tourism is the tourism of resident visitors outside the economic territory of the country of reference. Source Publication:
3) Inbound
Inbound tourism is the tourism of non-resident visitors within the economic territory of the country of reference.

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Environmental and Social Factors

-Best usage of natural resources
-Protect environment
-Protect heritage and wildlife
-Very little impact on the surrounding countryside

-Good for country and local people
-Help people communicate well
-Improve local quality of life
-Protect culture and heritage

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Benefit of Sustainable Tourism

-Improve reputation of business
-Save money
-Create link with local community
-Reduce amount of waste created
-Reduce energy used
-Protect environment
-More business competition

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A few meanings...

GDP-- Gross Domestic Product
~Amount of money a country makes over a set period of time

~Jobs created by travel and tourism

~Jobs created for travel and tourism

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Booking with Tavel agents

-Buy everything you need for your holiday
-Speak to someone face-to-face
-Speak to someone who knows where the best places are because of experience
-Complaints get heard quicker and you can get money back if something goes wrong

-More expensive as of commission
-Choices may be limited

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Booking Online

Advantage ~~
-Cheaper ( if there isn't a massive booking fee)

Disadvantage ~~
-No expert help
-Limited choice
-Lack of security
-Any troubles and you could lose money
-No one to talk to

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Car Travel

Advantages ~~
-Cars can stop whenever
-Take more luggage
-Navigate easily

Disadvantages ~~
-Fuel cost a lot
-Lots of traffic
-Hard to concentrate so you'll get tired

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Rail or Train Travel

Advantages ~~
-Can sleep or read or work while travelling
-Free wifi

Disadvantages ~~
-Cost a lot for all travel
-Busy and noisy
-Can have delayed trains and even cancelled trains

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Air Types

1) Sheduled Airlines
a ​regular ​flight ​organized by the ​company that ​owns the ​aircraft

2) Low-cost Airlines
Low cost airlines are airlines which offer cheap flight tickets. They are also called budget airlines, cheap flights and discount carriers. Low Cost Carriers play a very important role in the aviation industry.

3) Charter Airlines
Air charter is the business of renting an entire aircraft (i.e., chartering) as opposed to individual aircraft seats (i.e., purchasing a ticket through a traditional airline).

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-Room service


-Kitchen ( Cook Everything Yourself)

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Natural Attractions and Special Events

Natural Attractions include~~
-Purpose built

Special Events include ~~

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Few More Meanings

CAA = Civial Aviation Authority

ATOL = Air Travel Organisers Licence

ORR = Office of Rail Regulation

AOTA = Association of British Travel Agents

AITO = Association of Independant Tour Operators

UK Inbound

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Ancillary Organisations

Travel Insurance
Airport Services
Event Booking

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Airport Names

LHR - London Heathrow
LGW - London Gatwick
LTN - London Luton
MAN - Manchester
LCY - London City
BHX - Birmingham
GLA - Glasgow
BRS - Bristol
LPL - Liverpool John Lennon
NCL - Newcastle
BFS - Belfast
EMA - East Midlands
ABY - Aberdeen Dyce
LBA - Leeds Bradford
BHD - George Best Belfast
SOU - Southhampton
JER - Jersey

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More Airport Names...

PIL - Glasgow Prestwick
CWL - Cardiff
EXT - Exeter
IOM - Isle of Man
BOH - Bournemouth
SEN - Southend
INV - Inverness
NWL - Norwich
BLK - Blackpool
NQY - Newquay Cornwall

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