Unit 1 Travel and Tourism

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The reason why people travel i.e. leisure, business or VFR
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Going from one place to another
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Types of tourism
Domestic, outbound, inbound
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Types of travel
Leisure, business, specialist
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Domestic tourism
Taking holidays and trips in your own country
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Outbound tourism
Travelling to a different country for a visit or holiday
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Inbound tourism
Visitors from overseas coming into the country
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Leisure travel
Day trips, short breaks, holidays, visiting friends and relatives (VFR), staycations and special events
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Business travel
meetings, incentive, conference and events (MICE)
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Specialist travel
Adventure, health, education, cultural heritage, dark tourism, voluntary work, conservation, eco-tourism
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Defintion of sustainable tourism
Meeting the needs of present tourists and local communities while protecting the natural, historical and cultural environment for the future
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4 Principles of sustainable tourism
1. Reduce negative environmental impacts in a destination 2. Create economic benefits, including future employment for local people 3. Conserve local culture and natural attractions 4. Promote links and respect between tourists and local communities
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Benefits of sustainable tourism
environmental protection, reduced energy consumption, reduced waste, links with the local community, competitive edge, image and cost savings.
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Defintion of direct employment
Jobs created by travel and tourism organisations
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Defintion of indirect employment
Jobs created to supply and support travel and tourism organisations
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GDP stands for
Gross domestic product
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Definition of GDP
measures the specific value of all goods and services over a specific time period (a year)
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Economic multiplier effect
Direct spending by tourists, circulated throughout the economy on indirect products and services
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VFR stands for
Visiting friends and relatives
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Going from one place to another



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Domestic, outbound, inbound


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Leisure, business, specialist


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Taking holidays and trips in your own country


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