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  • Triglycerides
    • lipid
      • insoluble in water because not polar
      • do dissolve in alcohol
    • glycerol
      • 3 carbons
      • an alcohol so has 3 free -OH groups
    • fatty acids
      • carboxyl group (-COOH)
        • attached to hydrocarbon tail
      • carboxyl group ionises into H+ and -COO- group
        • so acid because produces free H+ ions
      • if saturated, no C=C bonds in molecule
        • if unsaturated, C=C= fewer hydrogen atoms bonded
          • C=C means a kink so more fluid (in animals)
    • ester bonds
      • condensation reaction between -COOH group of fatty acid and -OH group of glycerol
      • water molecule produced
      • covalent bond
    • functions
      • energy source
        • broken down in respiration (generate ATP)
      • energy store
        • store without affecting water potential of cells
        • mammals store fate under skin
      • insulation
      • buoyancy
      • protection


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