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  • Lipids
    • Triglycerides
      • One glycerol molecules attached to three fatty acid molecules.
    • Phospholipids
      • Modified triglycerides and contain the element phosphorous along with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
      • Phosphate ions have extra electrons and are negatively charged, making them soluble.
    • Sterols
      • Also known as steroid alcohols.
      • E.g. cholesterol.
    • Role of lipids
    • Emulsion test
  • Fatty acid
    • Glycerol
      • Fatty acid
      • Fatty acid
  • Fatty acids are carboxyl acids that end in (COOH)
  • In esterification reaction of triglycerides, three water molecules are produced.
  • In hydrolysis reaction of triglycerides, three water molecules need to be added.
  • Saturated v unsaturated
    • Saturated: No double bonds between carbon atoms.
      • More compact, solid at room temperature
    • Unsaturated: Double bonds between carbon atoms.
      • Less compact, liquid at room temperature.
  • Phosphate
    • Fatty acid
    • Fatty acid
  • Hydrophilic head, hydrophobic tail.
  • Have little in common with fats and oils structurally.
  • Complex alcohol molecules, based on four carbon ring structure.


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