Bio T3 Transcription - 1st stage protein synthesis

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  • Transcription (stage 1 protein synthesis)
    • Basic info
      • 1. Proteins made in cell cytoplasm by sub-cellular structures called ribosomes. DNA found in nucleus, too big to move out, cell needs to get info from DNA to ribosome in cytoplasm
      • 2. This is done using a molecule called mRNA (messenger RNA)
      • 3. RNA polymerase enzyme involved in joining together RNA nucleotides to make mRNA this stage called transcription
    • The process
      • 1.) RNA polymerase binds to non-coding region on DNA in front of a gene, causes non-coding DNA to form backbone
      • 2.) 2 DNA strands unzip & RNA polymerase moves down 1 DNA strand
      • 3.) Uses coding DNA in gene as a template to make mRNA, complimentary base pairing between DNA & mRNA happens
      • 4.) Once made mRNA moves out of nucleus to cytoplasm & joins with a ribosome


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