Tourism, MEDC and LEDC comparison

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  • tourism MEDC and LEDC
    • history
      • tourism started with medieval pilgrimidge.
      • tourism developed rapidly during Victorian britain, as middle classes could afford to take time off work and afford luxury travel
      • spread of railway network in 19th century increased tourism to seaside towns
      • Bank Holiday act of 1871
      • modern mass tourism introduced by Thomas Cook who created package holiday in 1841
    • development indicators
      • life expectancy - 79. infant mortality rate- 5 per 100 live births. literacy rate- 99%
    • tourism facts
      • 16.8 million people visiting the UK
      • london olympic games 2012- people who had a ticket spent about £1290, normal visitors spend about £650
      • about 9% of jobs comes from tourism
        • about 3.1 million jobs
      • 9% of GDP
        • about 125 Billion £
      • fastest growing sector- forecast to be worth of £250 billion by 2025
    • reasons for tourism in Thailand
      • 1960's government developed Bangkok as cross roads for air transportation
      • Peak period of winter when western people are cold
      • rising economic development of neighbouring asian couuntries is increasing tourism
      • thailand offers diverstiy of features, from beaches to buddhist temples
      • reductions in costs of international air travel
    • tourism facts
      • contributes 7% to thailands economy manufacturing is 35%
      • 62% of international tourists come from Asia
      • has developed as major destination in past 30 years
      • growth in tourism has been consisten since 1970's except for dip in 90's due to financial crisis
      • direct and indirect employmeny makes 1.5 million jobs
      • Attractions in Thailand
        • human attractions- Grand palace, Chiong Ming night bizzare
        • physical attractions - Ko tarutai beahc, Similan Islands
    • development indicators
      • life expecinfant mortality rate- 15%, literacy rate 93%


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