TKAM: Childhood and Growing Up

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  • TKAM: Childhood and Growing up
    • Characters
      • Scout
        • Learns lessons from:
          • Atticus
            • Tolerance
          • Aunt Alexandra
            • value of being a "lady"
          • Calpurnia
            • Politeness
        • Scout's innocence is shown when the reader understands events better than her
      • Jem
        • Starts maturing when:
          • emotional response to injustice of trila
          • encourages Scout to behave like a girl
          • recognizes Boo is human
            • ends childish games
          • goes back to get his trousers
          • Cal calls him "Mister Jem."
    • AO2
        • Jem matures as the novel progresses
          • Scout has learnt Atticus' main lesson by the end.
            • See others people's point of view.
    • Links to themes
      • Relationships
        • Story told thorugh Scout's eyes shows how simple child relationships are.
          • e.g. Scout beats up Walter but he doesn't hold a grudge.
      • Innocence
        • Loses it outside the jail as she sees what people are really like
          • Still innocent as she falls asleep on Atticus' knee.
    • The trial is a plot device.
      • forces children to grow up


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