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As Scout and Jem set off for the pageant, they began their `longest journey' c27 p260
`I maintain that the Ewells started it all but Jem, who was four years my senior, said it
started long before that.' P.9
`It was then, I suppose, that Jem and I first began to Part Company.' C.6 p.62
`Just as the birds know where to go when it rains, I knew when there was trouble in our
street' c8 p.74
Just as the birds know where to go when it rains, I knew when there was trouble in our
street c8 p74
Jem... broke the remaining code of our childhood c14 p146
I heard her say it's time someone taught `em a lesson, they were gettin' way above
themselves an' the next thing they think they can do is marry us c26 p253
If aunty could be a lady at a time like this, so could I c24 p244
It'd be sort of like shootin' a mockingbird c30 p282
There wasn't much left for us to learn, except possibly algebra c31 p286
You're growing out of your pants a little
`He played with us, read to us, and treated us with courteous detachment' p.11
`You never really understand a person... until you climb into his skin and walk around in it'
C.3 p.35
`Atticus Finch is the same in his house as he is on the public streets.' C.5 p.48
Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit `em but remember it's a sin to kill a
mockingbird c10 p96
Why people go stark raving mad when anything involving a [black person] comes up, is
something I don't pretend to understand c9 p94
He never went hunting, he did not play poker or fish or drink or do anything c10 p94
Do you think I could face my children otherwise? C9 p94
When you know you've been licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it
through no matter what p118
This case is as simple as black and white c20 p209
You never really know a man until you stand in his shoes and walk around in them c31
We were... dree to interrupt Atticus for a translation
He's the only man that can keep a jury out for so long
I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man
with a gun in his hand c11 p118
Boo was real nice most people are Scout when you finally see them
Miss Maudie:
`So busy worrying about the next world they've learned to live in this one' c.5 p.51
Shows courage & humour when she says `always wanted a smaller house, Jem Finch. Gives
me more yard' c.8 p.79
It's just a babystep, but it's a step c22 p222

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Loved everything that grew in God's earth c5 p48
It's time you started bein' a girl and acting right! C12 p121
In all his life, Jem had never declined a dare c1 p19
He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody c12 p121
Jem was becoming almost as good as Atticus at making you feel right when things went
wrong c28 p265
There's the ordinary kind like us and the neighbours, there's the kind like the
Cunninghams out in the woods, the kind like…read more

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Own Twighlight world c14 p 149
Boo Radley
Sixandahalf feet tall, eats raw squirrels and any cats he could catch, hands were blood
stained' long jagged scar, eyes that popped c1 p19
Aunt Alexandra
Aunt Alexandra fitted into the world of Maycomb like a hand in a glove, but never into the
world of Jem and me c13 p137
Mrs Dubose
Meanest old women who ever lived c4 p41
Growing up
Symbolism mockingbird…read more


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