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As Scout and Jem set off for the pageant, they began their `longest journey' c27 p260

`I maintain that the Ewells started it all but Jem, who was four years my senior, said it
started long before that.' P.9
`It was then, I suppose, that Jem and I first…

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Loved everything that grew in God's earth c5 p48

It's time you started bein' a girl and acting right! C12 p121
In all his life, Jem had never declined a dare c1 p19
He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody c12 p121
Jem was becoming almost as good…

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Own Twighlight world c14 p 149

Boo Radley

Sixandahalf feet tall, eats raw squirrels and any cats he could catch, hands were blood
stained' long jagged scar, eyes that popped c1 p19

Aunt Alexandra
Aunt Alexandra fitted into the world of Maycomb like a hand in a glove, but never…


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