This is England and Social Realism

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  • Social Realism in This is England
    • Focus on underprivileged society- sympathetic
      • working class presentation, council estates, loss of father
    • Left-wing political agenda against state
      • Thatcher's confrontational voice in radio presents her as villain, anti-Thatcher graffiti
    • Unglamourized style- establishing shots, natural lighting
      • establishing shots of council estates and ruined houses
    • Untrained actors
      • Thomas Turgoose- chosen because he reflected Shane Meadows youth
    • Male character faced with hardships. Character changes throughout film
      • Shaun starts off as a confrontational loner but ends up a racist violent member, then changes again
    • Social issues are adressed
      • increasing racism due to raise in poverty, pain of Shaun's loss of father
    • Documentary style
      • handheld shot of camera fight creates vicarious experience


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