Run Lola Run, Tom Twyker, 1998



"Although this is an experimental film, the characters are also human enough to relate to." - James Bezocci

  • A german film, independent production collective - X-Filme. Their set aim was to make German films with German stroylines that would translate internationally, in order to send a powerful political and social message about German society, giving them artistic independence within the move.
  • The easily understandable dialogue with subtitles and the repeated storyline mean tha tboth German and non-speaking German audiences have the access to a pleasureable and educational cinematic experience. 


Action packed - Extreme action packed which is repetitive 

Narrative follows a basic structure flow - Non linear narrative (video game like / restart etc).

1-2 central characters leading the narrative - Lots of characters fuel the narrative, with obstacles as characters along the way

Stars often used - No stars, has more focus on the storyline rather than using stars as the innovation to success in box office and international scale

Lots of close ups - Variety of shots and mixed media (postmodern)

Quick cuts and continuity editing - Long takes with a lack of continuity, the cuts often don't make sense and jolt the narrative positioning for the audience also.

Scripted, rehearsed and set scenes - Characters often make use of using their personal identity into forming the narrative and creating a sense of realism

Sound track heavy - More digetic sound, less non diegetic

Professional designed lighting - Natural lighting as it's cheap and gives it the gritty realist effect needed 

High production values - Low production values 


Magic Realism & Hyper Reality 

Father at the bank scene

Home video / handheld with mixed media of polaroids - when not interacting with Lola, it's in home video, and normal 35mm film when so. Audiences feel more in the moment, they feel involved in the action and feel a sense of reality to its cheesy soap opera style and feel. The contrast of camera is jarring on the spectators eye. 

Magic realism is explored when


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