La Haine

Notes on La Haine

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La haine - The opening

Suggests inequality in the housing estates - Power of the repressive state apparatus in the form of the police.

Grainy, documentary footage suggests realism - alludes to past riots.

Non-diegetic subtitle intrigues/shocks; juxtaposition with prior images suggest cause was to do with films subject matter, suggests cast members but alludes to the public - alludes to social contexts in France.

Huberts voice over introduces his character - story of falling man = allegory for french society - willingly ignorant of problems that will result from its current trajectory - treatment of poor immigrant class by police.

Image of planet suggests extent or importance of problem + links to later images of 'the world is yours' that Said changes to 'the world is ours'.

Comet in shape of petrol bomb connotes civil disturbance + riots.

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Opening continued.

Documentary footage - grainy/handheld. Reggae soundtrack - contrapuntal in mood, parallel in subject matter.

Montage follows suggests 'sides' - police armouring their vehicle for coming chaos - crowd protesting are young, mixed ethnic origins, armed only with banners compared to close ups on police weapons.

Following images emphasise the conflict and the power of the crowds.

One scene conveys regimented ideologies of police who stand in lines compared to free-spirited representation of protesters as they dance in the street. Results of conflict sustained by the police shown.

Police brutality emphasised - mid shot man being beaten by police followed by handmade sign claiming 'police kill'.

Following montage of people suffering from very serious injuries validates this claimNews footage then starts - Fictional

Lends validity to the films representation of life on the estatesEstablishes the 24 hour context over which the narrative takes place. Introduces Vinz's 'trigger' in the form of Abdel Ichaha; his arrest and subsequent beating is the cause of the riot.

Report is actually based on similar, real case that happening in Paris in the 90's.

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