The Sweet Menu

Mindmap for analysing "The Sweet Menu" by Jeremy Hughes

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  • The Sweet Menu
    • Word Choice
      • "a lily"
        • Lilies used at funerals, could have used roses/carnations if aiming for romantic atmosphere
      • "beech"
        • specific detail to show how bored he is
      • "The Sweet Menu"
        • Title in direct contrast with mood of poem, which emphasises bitterness and gives a sense of irony
    • Grammar
      • "I'm shown"
        • passive verb to show how he is removed and isolated from his surroundings
        • leaves out person showing him to emphasise loneliness
      • " to someone about/the plastic lily"
        • enjambment for hesitation, feels awkward and in the way
    • Figurative language
      • "spin", "pirouettes", "plies"
        • lexical field of dance--dreamlike and surrounded by energetic people
      • "pizza hot and peppery"contrast with "cold north wind"
      • "it hasn't come to much"
        • double meaning--sum up dining experience and bill is low because no sweet
    • Structure
      • poem is written in couplets except for coda--always wanting to be a pair but accepts he will be forever alone :(
    • Conditions of production/reception
      • poet expressing his frustration and bitterness at being stood up on a date
        • some audience would sympathise because they had been in the same situation
        • some audience would have stood people up and poet might want to make them feel guilty
    • Sound patterning
      • "is pulled back as if"
        • monosyllabic for repetitive dating experience
    • Links
      • Eating Out
        • experiences of dining out
        • loneliness vs too much pressure from family
      • Grandpa's soup
        • food gives warm or bitter memories
      • Text 19
        • experience of dining out alone vs with a friend


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