Text 3 The Sweet Menu

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  • Text 3 The Sweet Menu
    • Graphology
      • Written in couplets until last stanza
      • Structure represents caterd for couplets but not single people
      • Italics used to show speech between characters
    • Grammar
      • Enjambement which affects pace
      • Limit of punctuation shows less formality
    • Phonology
      • Repetition of "I'd like" to show the jealousey of the people around him
      • Lack of rhythm pattern
    • Lexis
      • Lexical field of a restaurant
      • French lexis sets up the scene for a posh resturant
      • Lexical field of dance
    • Context of production and reception and attitudes and values
      • Poem is an extended metaphor for life after death.
      • Written in 2004
      • Society evolves around couples
    • Purpose, Audience and Form
      • To entertain by describing loneliness in a resturant
      • The the older generation due to complex lexis
      • A poem


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