The State of the Magazine Industry

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  • The State of Magazine Industry
    • Fall in Print Sales
      • A magazine companys success depends on how many copies they sell.
      • Between 2000 and 2013 the sales of the top 100 magazine titles in the UK had fallen by a third.
      • Why have magazine sales fallen?
        • Picking up a paper copy has become a dying habit
        • Struggles to compete with online media
        • No longer an 'affordable luxury'
        • Suffer from lack of immediacy
    • Collapsing Youth Market
      • Magazines target the youth because...
        • They have leisure time
        • They have a range of interests
        • They have a desire for the feeling of community
      • They have lost interest in the content of magazines
      • They spend more time on the internet than reading paper copies
      • •The last five years have seen the closure of many successful teen magazines for example: Just 17, Smash Hits, Bliss, Cosmo Girl and Sugar. 
    • Changes in Advertising
      • Sites like Buzzfeed use native and sponsored advertising
        • Native Advertising: Advertising that looks the same as layout of magazine
        • Sponsored: 'Pay-Per-Click' advertising models


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