The 5 Pillars: Shahadah

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Shahadah = testimony /  declaration of faith

Revert = a person who is born a Muslim but have not practiced Islam

Convert = A person converting to Islam from another religion

‘There is no God but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’

  • To become a Muslim they must utter this 3 times with the right niyyah

  • ‘A Muslim is obligated to bear witness to his submission to God and to witness others’ = becoming a Muslim by uttering the Shahada is a public affair


  • Allah is mentioned first = he is superior to Muhammad and all of mankind

  • Sequence of shahadah = backwards, people knew the prophet before they knew about God


  • TAWHID = Oneness, belief in only one God, foundations of Islam

  • NABWAT = Belief in the prophet Muhammad

  • Tawhid and Nabwat = Imamate (faith)

  • By uttering the Shahada a Muslim is acknowledging Allah as the sole creator of all and His supreme authority,


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