The Roaring 20s

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  • The Roaring 20s
    • Isolationism
      • Republicans rejected the Treaty of Versailles
        • 'America first' ideas - led to rejection of the treaty and Isolationism
    • Tariffs
      • Fordney-McCumber tariff - made foreign goods more expensive
        • American economy flourished
      • But foreign countries did the same to American goods, so the USA made less money from exports
    • Mass Production
      • Producing goods quickly and cheaply so more people can buy them
      • By 1928 20% of Americans had cars
      • By 1929 10 million radios had been sold
    • Entertainment and social growth
      • Sports
        • Because of the introduction of Raadios, sport became very popular
        • Car ownership meant more people could go and see live sport
        • Sports personalities became famous
      • Women
        • Socially active women were known as 'Flappers'
          • They wore short skirts, had bob haircuts, smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol
        • Womens role in the 1920s changed due to the work they did in WW1
      • Clubs and Jazz
        • Jazz music became very popular and accessable due to radios
        • More people went to clubs and drank due to relaxed social attitudes
        • Jazz music was a craze in the 20s
        • Both of these things became very popular especially in cities
      • Media
        • Hollywood became a huge industry and films became extremely popular
          • Cars meant that cinema was more popular
        • Radios and therefore music became very popular
        • By 1929 10 million radios had been sold
    • Prohibition (The Volstead Act)
      • Introduced because alcoholism was a problem and because temperance groups campaigned for the ban
      • This law was often broken
        • People made 'moonshine' homemade alcohol which could be extremely dangerous to health
        • Speakeasies - illegal drinking clubs


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