The reign of Richard III

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  • The reign of Richard III
      • Had some aspirations of conquering France however his reign was cut short so could not achieve this
      • He continued  the campaign against Scotland which looked promising However his son died which took over matters and the campaign fizzled out and down-scaled.
      • The money from Edward IV's reign was spent very quickly eg on wars that never happened, Buckingham rebellion
      • Hardly had any money, spent it on an extravagant lifestyle, spent it on his friends
      • Left the crown in debt
      • Very poor
      • Quite poor
      • He kept the regime of his brother in matters concerning the local magnates and JPS
      • North/South Divide many rebellions and disruption in the south of England
      • The Buckingham rebellion showed he lacked law and order however he did overcome the rebels quickly and easily.
      • His son died unexpectantly
      • Rumors escalating of the murders of the princes in the tower
      • His wife died which was suspected poisoning most thought done by him
      • Rumored to intend to marry his niece, making his claim to the throne stronger.
      • Unreliable , the nobility in the north were reliable to some extent.
      • He abolished Benevolences in the hope of appeasing the nobility but then when he needed money he would force loans upon them
      • The Duke of Buckingham went and rebelled against him as many other members of the nobility did during his reign. This especially occurred from the southern nobility and was to his detriment for when Henry Tudor landed in England the southern gentry supported him.
      • He didn't utilise parliament to it's full potential during his reign,
      • He may have used parliament to announce his legitimacy at the start of his reign and the illegitimacy of his brother's children otherwise they were not used much if at all.
      • He ultimately portrayed a very bad image to his subjects. eg. through usurpation, rumors of poisoning his wife etc
      • Overall he was disliked by his subjects.
      • He gave this council power over the south which caused the north/south divide
      • he had a loyal power base in the north which helped prevent disturbance in the north well. they also guarded the borders between Scotland and England well.
      • He didn't follow his own legal system
      • Richard murdered many people as they didn't get a trial which was illegal and not going through the right measures. People killed this way: eg, Earl Rivers, Lord Hastings etc
      • He set up a justice for all policy, which was a contradiction, however he wanted people who believed they were wrongly accused to go to him and appeal. Also the accused could go on bail.
      • Richard was not very good at giving justice as all the supporters of Buckingham had their land illegally taken from them, this was due to Richard not getting Acts of Attainder's from government.


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