Why did Richard III become King?

Write up as a real essay for exam question.

Taken from Exam paper in 2012

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  • Why Did Richard III become King?
    • Regency Council
      • Part of Edward IV's will
    • Lieutenant of the North
      • had Northern support
      • not Southerners
    • Continue Yorkist reign
    • Quick to react to death of Edward V
      • got to London in 9 days
    • Made Edward and Richard (nephews) illegitmate
      • Claim Edward IV planned to marry Eleanor Butler not Elizabeth Woodville
        • Factional Rivalry - Gloucesters (Richard) and Woodvilles ? sorted
      • locked in Tower of London
    • Stony Stafford
      • sorted problem of the river brothers - killed (Woodvilles)
    • backing of Friar Shaw - praised Richard in sermon
    • backing of Buckingham ? key noble
      • Buckingham Rebellion
      • praised with lands and titles
        • not liked by Hastings - suspicious Richard wanted throne
          • Hastings = executed for treachery


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