Key Question 3 Richard III

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KQ3 Richard III
Only lasted two years before
Regicide seen as appaling. Richard was usurped by
Public held this against him for Henry Tudor with an
the whole of his reign exceptionally weak claim.
Some historians argue that it
was doomed from the start.
Ownednhis throne Although John de la
to Duke of Pole was the best
Buckingham option for
(kingmaker) known
controlling the North
to be "overmighty"
he was not Richard
Rebellion Weaknesses
Power vacuum in
the North
1483 Ratcliffe and
Buckingham Catesby could
How successful was have encouraged Henry Tudor first attempt of
head of south Underestimated Richard's government of rebellion invasion did not go to plan had
series of Henry Tudor Politically strong, BR
england? to turn back before reaching
uprisings unsucessful only one
english shore
death (Salsibury)
Strengths Limited opposition and Foes if Richard not powerful
Strong King patronage
Gave patronage less
generously than Edward and
elevated trusted supporters Royal progresses showed he
Propaganda John and Thomas Howard was in charge
who fought at BOB
Familiarity with Northern
council and Royal council
Richard was a proven
26/54 councillers served
fighter and military
Edward before Richard
By summer 1485 half of the
peers of the realm were firm
supporters of Richard


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