How did Henry VII establish himself as King?

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  • How did Henry VII establish himself as King?
    • He dated the beginning of his reign to the day before the battle of Bosworth.
      • This way, he could class anyone who had fought for Richard as traitors and have their property seized by the Acts of Attainder.
    • He married Elizabeth of York in January 1486
      • This united the houses of York and Lancaster.
      • Their first son, Arthur, was born in September 1486
    • He arranged for his coronation to be on the 30th October.
      • This was before Parliament met, and so Henry could declare that he did not need Parliament to make him King.
    • He imprisoned Edward, Earl of Warwick, Richard III's nephew.
    • He granted John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, a seat on the King's Council.
      • He was Richard III's nephew and chosen heir. THREAT!
    • He obtained a life grant of custom duties.
    • Since the Battle of Bosworth, he had gained the support of Sir William Stanley, one of the post powerful nobles in the Northwest.


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