The psychodynamic approach to psychopathology

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  • The Psycho-dynamic Approach
    • Freud
      • Mental illnesses the result of unresolved childhood conflict
      • ID - Irrational Primitive (at birth) demands immediate satisfaction
      • Conscious rational (age 1) childs personality developed by reality e.g compromise
      • Superego - conscience (age 3-6) sense of right and wrong
    • The Oedipus Complex
      • Boys feelings of desire towards his mother
    • Conflicts between the id, ego, superego create anxiety
      • This can relieved by the use of ego defences such as repression and projection.
        • These unconscious defences can be the cause of disturbed behaviour if they are overused
    • Limitations
      • Lack of research support
        • The theory is difficult to prove or disprove using scientific methodology
          • Much of the support is from case studies
            • e.g. Little Hans, Anna O
      • Sexism
        • Freuds theory focuses on boys (The Oedipus Complex)
          • This limits the relevance of this approach when understanding mental disorders in women


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