Approaches to Psychopathology

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  • Approaches to Psychopathology (abnormality)
    • Biological Approach
      • BIGB - Biochemistry, Infection, Genetics, Brain damage - can all explain abnormal behaviour
      • How bodily systems can be used to explain causes and effects of stress
      • abnormal behavior =abnormal biology
      • Mental disorder - all mental disorders have physical causes
    • Psychodynamic Approach
      • To explain behaviour in terms of its dynamics - the forces that drive it
      • Abnormal behaviour was seen as being caused by underlying psychological factors e.g an unresolved conflict between id and superego, or early childhood experiences
      • Aims to treat abnormality by making the unconcious concious, through psychoanalytic therapy
    • Behavioural Approach
      • All behaviour is learned as we are born with a tabula rasa (blank slate)
      • Abmormal behaviour can be explained by classical conditioning, operant conditioning or social learning theory
    • Cognitive Approach
      • It is the thinking process between an event and the consequence that makes the consequence
      • 2 key features of abnormal behaviour: irrational thinking and cognitive triad & errors in logic


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