The 'New Look' and Peaceful Coexistance

A mind map showing the thinking behind both the USA's 'New Look' policy and Peaceful Coexistance in the USSR.

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  • The 'New Look' and Peaceful Coexistance
    • The 'New Look'
      • John Foster Dulles- Secretary of State
        • Advocated forceful American policy against the USSR
        • Aimed for a 'rollback' of Russian occupation for Eastern European states
      • Massive retaliation
        • Ultimate nuclear deterrent
      • Nations wouldn't be able to restore democracy under containment if they were controlled by pro-Soviet regimes
        • Example of ideological side of the Cold War
      • Eisenhower wasn't as aggressive as his Secretary of State
        • Wanted better relations with the USSR
        • Ensured that containment remained cornerstone of US foreign policy
        • Keen to reduce the possibility of nuclear war
      • Didn't actually use this approach in the Hungary uprising in 1956
    • Peaceful Coexistance
      • Khrushchev moved the USSR away from Stalanist confrontation towards coexistence
        • He believed if they didn't stick to peaceful coexistence then the world would end in nuclear war
      • USSR wanted to remain as leaders of the socialist world
        • Particularly in the face of China's growing influence in Asia
      • International tension had to be watched in order not to unnecessarily provoke the USA
      • Spending on military security had to be reduced
      • Policy was aimed to preserve the USSR position
        • Insisted the policy was an 'intensification of the struggle of the working class for the triumph of socialist ideas.


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