Cold War Stalemate 

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  • Cold War Stalemate
    • A 'New Look'
      • End of Korean War removed major source of tension.
      • US Secretary of State, Dulles, favoured liberation.
        • Massive retaliation: nuclear deterrent strategy.
        • Eisenhower was conscious of the USSR's nuclear capability.
      • US were not that forceful: Hungarian Revolution of 1956
    • Peaceful Coexistence
      • Firm grip must be maintained over eastern bloc satellite states.
      • Prevention of rearmament of Germany (future threat).
      • USSR must expand nuclear capability.
      • Spending on military security to be reduced.
      • Defuse international tension, not unnecessarily provoking the US.
    • Austrian State Treaty
      • Like Germany, Austria had been divided into occupation zones.
        • Western leaders were concerned that eastern zones would be absorbed into the Soviet sphere of influence.
      • Led to the withdrawal of all occupying powers -> declaration that Austria would be a neutral state.
      • USSR also accepted Finland and Yugoslavia as neutral states.
      • Showed series intent towards mutual cooperation and removed source of potential conflict.
      • Following this, the West removed occupation forces from West Germany.


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