Successes of Peaceful Coexistence

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  • Successes of Peaceful Coexistence
    • Geneva Summit 1955
      • Khrushchev and Eisenhower
      • First meeting of USA and USSR since Potsdam
      • The issues of reuniting Germany was raised again
    • Austrian State Treaty 1955
      • Austria left as an independent state
    • Eisenhower's New Look Plan 1953-61
      • Cuts in military spending
      • The cost of troops was too high
    • Khrushchev's visit to America 1959
      • Showed co-operation
    • Korean War Armistice 27th July 1953
      • Brought proxy war fighting to an end
      • Stalemate achieved in 1951 but took the change of leaders to give the talks impetus needed for change
    • Khrushchev's Secret Speech 1956
      • Denounced Stalin and his regimes


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