The Kidney's involvement in Homeostasis

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  • Removal of urea
  • Adjusting ion levels
  • Adjusting water content
  • sports drinks
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  • The kidney's & Homeostatis
    • The job of the kidney's
      • Removal of urea
        • Protein's can't be stored in the body
          • So they're converted to carbohydrates and fats
            • This process occurs in the liver
            • The waste product of this reaction is urea
        • Urea is poisonous
          • Urea is released into the bloodstream by the liver
            • Kidney's then filter it out of the blood
        • temporarily stored in in the bladder and urine is excreted from the body
      • Adjustment of Ion content
        • ion is taken into the blood through food
        • If there is too much ion compared to water (or vice versa) the balance is wrong
          • This effects the effectiveness of osmosis
            • Damages cells
              • Stops them working
        • Excess ions are removed by the kidney's
          • e.g sodium/salt
        • Some ions are lost in sweat
      • Adjustment of water content
        • Water is taken into the body as food and drink
          • It's then lost by: Urine, Sweat and in the air we breathe out
        • The body has to balance the amount of water we take in to the amount we get rid of.
          • The balance is between: Liquids consumed- Amount sweated out- amount lost as urine
        • On a cold day
          • You dont sweat
          • You'll produce more urine
            • Pale and dilute
        • On a warm day
          • You'll sweat lots
          • Produce less urine
            • Dark in colour and concentrated
    • Sports Drinks
      • filled with water, sugar and ions
        • replace minerals lost in sweat during sport
        • Replaces sugar used up by muscles during excercise
      • Not all are scientifically proven


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