Biology 3 (3.2)

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Biology 3 - The Human Kidney.

  • Kidneys are one of the main organs which maintain homeostasis (keep internal conditions as constant as possible)
  • They are involved in excretion (removing waste)
  • kidneys filter urea out of the blood, temporarily stored in the bladder

Balancing Water in the body

  • You gain water when you eat or drink, water is constantly lost from the lungs.
  • The water evaporates into the air in your lungs and is breathed out.
  • When you exercise you get hot and sweat more which means you lose more water 
  • If you are short of water, the kidneys conserve it.
  • You produce very little urine (more anti diuretic hormone produced) and most of the water is saved for use in your body,
  • Drinking too much water means that the kidneys produce lots of urine to get rid of the excess.
  • Ion concentration is also balanced by the kidneys, they remove excess mineral ions (particular sodium and chloride ions from salt)
  • You take in a lot of mineral ions if you eat alot of salt…


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