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Kidney…read more

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The Human Kidney
The kidneys are part of the excretory system
and mainly involved in keeping the water
content of the body constant. They are
therefore helping to maintain homeostasis.
Also, when we consume protein in our diet
any excess amino acids are taken to the
liver where they are broken down to urea…read more

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Urea is poisonous but our kidneys filter it out
and remove it as urine. Any excess water is
removed to keep the concentration of our body
fluids constant as any movement of water by
osmosis could damage our cells involved in
controlling the water content of the body are
lungs and skin…read more

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The kidneys also have a role to play in keeping
the mineral ion content of the body constant.
We consume large amounts of ions preserved
and fast foods. Salt in particular can raise the
blood pressure
The kidneys as well as our skin, when we sweat
help to keep the levels down. The kidneys also
help to reabsorb glucose back into the
bloodstream…read more

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The kidneys work by filtering the blood and then
reabsorbing everything that the body needs. Blood
cells are too large to pass through the membrane
of the kidney tubule and so remain in the blood.
Many other substances pass by diffusion into the
tubule…read more

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The body cannot afford to lose substances like
glucose and some mineral ions and these are
selectively reabsorbed.
· However, for complete re-absorption these
substances have to move back into the blood
against a concentration gradient. These
substances move back by active transport.…read more

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