Health and Safety at work act law part 2

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  • The Health and Safety at Work Act (2)
    • Health and safety (first aid) regulations 1981
      • Employees can suffer injury or sudden illness at any time. Important that employers have made arrangements to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work.
      • Ensure that there is at least one First Aider on site at all times. First Aiders must ensure that their first aid certificate are updated regularly.
      • Setting must also ensure that they appoint a person to be responsible for the contents of their First Aid box.
    • Fire precautions (work place) 1994
      • General duties include safety in relation to fire hazards, from work processes and activities as well as general fire safety in work place.
      • Main aim is to require a setting to keep records of fire drills and to make sure that their fire equipment is in working order.
      • All work place must carry out fire risk assessment on a regular basis.
      • Employers are responsible for ensuring the health safety and welfare of their employees and others who may have access to work place.
      • Setting also needs to make sure that there is an effective evacuation procedure in place and that all fire exit signs can be seen clearly.


Sam Morran


This is a clearly laid out resource that includes various aspects in a clear format.  Goes well with Part 1 and provides a good starting place for revision.

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