Legislation Summary

This is a table of all of the legislations with the information about each of them. Let me know if it needs any corrections. Thank you!

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UK Equality Legislation
Title of law Dat What the law says What is covered/what Strengths and weaknesses How it is
e of (the key principles of the legislation) does it apply to? (Where supported (the name
act does it make a difference) of the commission if there
is/was one)
Are that it revolves around the
paramountcy principle, this is where the best Strengths: Dr. Maggie
Children's 198 Children (018 years old)
interests of the child are the primary Atkinson. The 2004
Act 9 consideration.
have rights and parents Stops children being
have responsibilities. discriminated against.
amendments to the
(and Children have a right to be consulted and children's act required
their views listened to. Also children should If there is ever a It ensures they are listened to
AIMS amen suggestion that parents
the appointment of a
Children dmen always be kept informed to what was It keeps them safe and children's
happening to them and why. aren't meeting their
should always ts) obligation it is up to the local removes them from the commissioner. This is
The legislation overall protects the welfare
be kept safe, Since authority. This sort of abusers not the same as the
then of children, they are given rights and their commissions for the
physically, information comes from It gives them legal protection
it has parents responsibilities, both should be family, neighbours and other legislation it's
emotional. been supported ­ local authority has to provide that education. It allows minimal disruption to their job to seek the
amen support. their lives. views and identify the
Aims to get The courts can make
children being ded In most circumstances it's recognised
several different orders. If Weaknesses: needs of children and
sever that the child should stay with the parents or a young people and to
law abiding in
wider family environment. Any issues or
the child is put at risk, the Young offenders are not
and out of al courts can make an initiate enquiries on
concerns should be determined as soon as offered the same protection
times their behalf. It also
school, as well
emergency protection order as other children.
as develop , the which takes the child away required the children's
positive latest Professionals will be required to appoint from that risk and puts them Court proceedings under this services to provide a
being a director of children's services and work in in a place of safety such legislation are not open to the clear line of
multidisciplinary teams and discuss their as a foster home. public in order to protect the accountability and that
(not bullying or 200 findings of information with each other. It identity of any children
8, Care orders usually follow authorities had to
allows for the prevision of emergency an emergency protection involved. But there have been produce plans for
Prepare them
thoug protection orders. Where if social services order it allows the local complaints that this prevents children and young
h the believe that the child would suffer significant authority to share the accountability and the bases people. There services
bigge harm they would have the ability to remove parental responsibility and in which decisions are made will be inspected and a
give them
st that child without the parents consent. the authority can determine are not always clear and new framework for
access to
was Following this the local authority would apply where the child lives. This accessible to the public. integrated inspections
transport and
in for a care order allowing them to take on the is a more long term solution.
material goods. will be put in place.
200 parental responsibility. Education supervision The database is set up
order is put in place when so that practitioners
4. the child is of school age and professionals can

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UK Equality Legislation
but isn't going. Parents more easily share
have responsibility to make information of children
sure the child attends in concern.
school. Repeated flouting
of responsibilities can
result in fines.
Children are kept safe.…read more

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UK Equality Legislation
Protection Origi For those who are 18 or over may be in Paid employment Strengths There is no
of need of community care service for mental Voluntary positions Will protect vulnerable commission!
set health, disabilities, age. adults
Vulnerable out in It is a criminal offence for barred individuals to including most NHS
the jobs Employers are required to
Adults work or apply to work with children or
Care vulnerable adults in a wide range of posts.…read more

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UK Equality Legislation
Equality Ca Brings together several bits of Education Strengths: An equality
legislation. Disability rights act, race That it simplified a whole range of commission which
Act me Employment
previous legislation, it does reduce provides support to
relations act, equal opportunities act, sex
in: discrimination act and it now covers all of
Housing discrimination. people under the
201 these under one piece of legislation. Prevision of goods It creates legal powers and a legislation, raises
system of redress.…read more

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UK Equality Legislation
Mental 198 Gives considerable powers to detain people This piece of legislation Strengths There is a mental
who two professionals identify as having a
Health Act 3 severe mental impairment. And they are a usually applies to Protects people from health act
significant risk to themselves or others under everybody over the age themselves also protects commissioner. In
this act they can be detained. general public from people
Under section two of the mental health act
of 16.…read more

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UK Equality Legislation
person to be better the person can be
Human Pre Approximately 16 rights and responsibilities. Where it takes place as it is Strengths Humans rights
1. Right to Life. unlawful for public authority commissions that
Rights Act date such as police, courts,
Can now be dealt with in UK courts
make sure that they
to 2. Freedom from Torture and or tribunal.
hospitals and schools. are being adhered to.
1998 Inhumane or Degrading Treatment. Much easier and quicker to claim
3.…read more

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UK Equality Legislation
5.…read more

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UK Equality Legislation
Evaluative legislation conclusion (applies to every bit of legislation)
In this legislation there are both strengths and weaknesses but having this legislation in place is greatly beneficial because even though not
everyone acts by it the majority of people will benefit from it and will be advantaged because of it.…read more


Sam Morran

There is a lot of legislation to learn and I like the approach that this resource takes with the use of tables.

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