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UK Equality Legislation

Title of law Dat What the law says What is covered/what Strengths and weaknesses How it is
e of (the key principles of the legislation) does it apply to? (Where supported (the name
act does it make a difference) of the commission if there
is/was one)

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UK Equality Legislation

but isn't going. Parents more easily share
have responsibility to make information of children
sure the child attends in concern.
school. Repeated flouting
of responsibilities can
result in fines.
Children are kept safe.

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UK Equality Legislation

Protection Origi For those who are 18 or over may be in Paid employment Strengths There is no
of need of community care service for mental Voluntary positions Will protect vulnerable commission!
set health, disabilities, age. adults
Vulnerable out in It is a criminal offence for…

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UK Equality Legislation

Equality Ca Brings together several bits of Education Strengths: An equality
legislation. Disability rights act, race That it simplified a whole range of commission which
Act me Employment
previous legislation, it does reduce provides support to
relations act, equal opportunities act, sex
in: discrimination act and it…

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UK Equality Legislation

Mental 198 Gives considerable powers to detain people This piece of legislation Strengths There is a mental
who two professionals identify as having a
Health Act 3 severe mental impairment. And they are a usually applies to Protects people from health act
significant risk to themselves or…

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UK Equality Legislation

person to be better the person can be

Human Pre Approximately 16 rights and responsibilities. Where it takes place as it is Strengths Humans rights
1. Right to Life. unlawful for public authority commissions that
Rights Act date such as police, courts,
Can now be dealt…

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UK Equality Legislation

5. Seek advice from their union/citizens advice bureau/other welfare rights organisation

What are the problems of implementing the legislation?
Cost ­ training the staff and providing the resources needed
Attitudes ­ people might not agree or want to abide by the laws
Time ­ difficult to get…

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UK Equality Legislation

Evaluative legislation conclusion (applies to every bit of legislation)
In this legislation there are both strengths and weaknesses but having this legislation in place is greatly beneficial because even though not
everyone acts by it the majority of people will benefit from it and will be advantaged…


Sam Morran


There is a lot of legislation to learn and I like the approach that this resource takes with the use of tables.

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