The growth in the popularity of the kkk

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  • The growth in the popularity of the kkk
    • The KKK was founded in 1866: it was a racist organisation aim to terrorise black Americans in the southern state who had been freed from slavery
    • Only WASP(white,anglo-saxon,protestant)were allowed to join the Klan. there were anti-black, anti-communist, anti-jews, anti-catholic and were against all foreigners
    • concern of the red scare cost the members to rise in the early 1920's 100 000 in 1920 and 5 million in 1925
    • they dressed in white robes and white hoods,the colour represent supremacy
      • They carried American flag and burnt crosses during their night time meetings
    • they carried out Lynchings,floggings,branding,mutilation,tar and feathering,kidnapping and creates fear into the hearts of non-WASPS
    • They were rarely bought to justice because they knew their "friends" in courts


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