USA 1920-1929

Includes the main political and social challenges facing America, the rise and fall of the American economy and changes in American culture and society.

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Immigration and the need for restriction

Immigration-What were the push and pull factors of immigration?+ problems

What is the meaning of melting pot?

What was the open door policy? What were its impacts?

Explain what is and what happened on Ellis Island?

What percentage of immigrants went through Ellis island daily?+how many immigrants came to Ellis island?

Why was there a need to restrict immigration?

How did they restrict immigration?

What was Americanisation?

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What were the problems created by communism?

What is the meaning of Xenophobia? Why did people dislike immigrants and what impact did this have?

 What was the Red scare?

Why did strikes make the scare worse?

What were the Palmer Raids?

Explain the Sacco and Vanzetti case. +why were they found guilty-how was this unfair?+what were the outcomes?

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Religious Fundamenalism

What is meant by the term Religious Fundamentalist?

What did religious fundamentalists believe in?         

What is meant by the Bible belt and what does it include?

What was the monkey trial and how did it occur?+what were the results?

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Black people and the KKK

Black Americans:what was segregation (how did it become legal?) and the Jim crow laws?

What probelms did black people face economically/social/politcially?

Why was America concerned about Native Americans?+how did they control them?

What was the meriam report?+when and what did it include/say?

What happened in the north and east?

What was the 'Migration'?

What was the KKK?+aims and beliefs?

What were their methods and activities?

Why did Goverment find it hard to take action?

Membership of the KKK?

Decline of the KKK in late 1920's?

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How did black people fight back?

What was the Tuskegee institute?+what were the beliefs of this organisation?

What was the Black renaissance?+explain


What was the NAACP?+targets and achievements?

What was the UNIA?

Was there any progress from any of these organisations?

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Prohibition and the era of the gangsters?

What was Prohibtion?

What were the reasons why prohibition/alcohol was banned?

How was alcohol banned?+during the war?

What was life like during Prohibition? e.g. speakeasies

Who enforced prohibition and what were the issues?+numbers of men?

Why did prohibition fail?

Why did gangsters spring up in the 1920's?

What did they do?+who was Al Capone?+why was he arrested?

Gang warfare and violence:The saint Valentines day Massacre?

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Government corruption and scandal

Who was Harding and the Ohio gang?

What were the issues with the ohio gang?

What was the Teapot Dome Scandal?+explain

Why did this look extremely bad for Harding?

What were the outcomes of this scandal?

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What were the causes of the economic boom?-assets

What was the economy like in 1910?

What impact did WW1 have on the economy?

What were some of the causes of the economic boom?

What is meant by hire purchase and easy credit?

What were the attitudes of republican presidents?-ruuged/laissez/protectionism 

What is disposable income?

What was the cycle of prosperity?

How did America keep money inside America?

What where the advantages of the economic boom?

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How did prosperity affect society?-consumer indust

How did the economic boom affect american society?

What influence did the motor industry have on society?-how did car industry improve?-how did this link to growth of construction?

What was the link between the film industry and social scene?

what impact did the social scene have?

Who did not prosper?

What bad things were happening in the boom e.g.(KKK and prohibition)?

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Why did prosperity come to a sudden end in 1929?-l

What were the longer term reasons for the end of prosperity?-e.g.over production.

What were the shorter term reasons for the end of prosperity?-e.g. speculation

What was the Wall street crash and its immediate effects?

What was Black Tuesday?

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The Era of the silent movie(P) and the development

Why did the us cinema industry take off?+why did it become a weekly routine?

What was cinema?

What were the genres of films and how did they encourage people to see them?

Why were people concerned of stars influences?+how did they tame this?

Where did Jazz originate from and how did it develop?+what was its impact?

Who were some of the key musicians?

What was the impact of radio on the us society?+the gramophone?

How did speakeasies tie in with jazz?

How did dancing change?

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Changing attitudes to women (P) and the flapper li

How did the attitudes of women change post and pre 1917?-politically/socially/appearance/employment.

How did WW! impact women?

How did Jazz help shape women?

What were flappers?

What was the growth of feminism?

How did the fashion change to their life style?

Who were flapper icons?

Who objected to flapper lifestyle?

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The increasing popularity of sport(P) and the pass

Why did sport become popular?

Who were some of the sporting heroes?+what were they significant for?

Who were the American heroes of the Decade?

What were the Fads and the crazies?

What did they take part in?

Why did they take part in such activities?

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