The effects of stress on the immune system

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  • The effects of stress on the immune system
    • The Immune System
      • Creates barrier to prevent pathogens from entering body
      • detects pathogens and eliminates before they reproduce
      • responsible for eliminating viruses
    • Natural Immunity
      • Macrophages
        • reside in organs and tissue to engulf invading pathogens
      • rapid immune response
      • Neutrophils
        • circulates in the blood engulfing and digesting invading pathogens
    • Specific Immunity
      • B Cells
        • produce antibodies that help fight off extracellular pathogens such as bacteria or parasites
      • T Cells
        • work together to attack intercellular pathogens such as viruses. Destroy pre-cancerous cells
      • based on lymphocytes
    • immunosuppre-ssion
    • lifestyle
    • Diet


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