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The effect of stress on the
immune system research
By thegirlwhoknewtoomuch…read more

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Marucha- exam stress, punch biopsy
· Investigated whether exam stress had a effect on the healing
rate of wounds
· Inflicted a punch biopsy into the mouths of students either
during the summer holidays or 3 days before their exams
· Found that wounds took longer to heal during the exam period
than the summer holidays
· This shows that chronic stress can reduce the immune systems
ability to function…read more

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Fischer- astronauts
· Found that astronauts have higher lymphocyte (immune cell)
levels during splashdown
· This shows that acute stress can increase the immune systems
response…read more

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Kiecolt-glaser chronic stressors exam
stress, killer T cells
· Investigated whether chronic stress had a effect on the immune
system of medical students
· Blood samples taken a month before and then during the exam
· Found that there were less killer T cells during the exam
compared to a month before
· This suggests that chronic stress reduces the immune systems
ability to function…read more

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Segerstrom and Miller- meta analysis
· Looked at 293 studies into the effect of stress on the immune
· Found that acute stressors boosted the immune system and
chronic stressors suppressed the immune system. Also found
that the more stressful the event the more suppressed the
immune system was.…read more

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Kiecolt-glaser marital arguments
· Tested the effect of ongoing interpersonal conflicts on wound
· Found that blisters, that she inflicted on them, took longer to
heal if the couple were married and has conflictive arguments
compared to those who had supportive discussions.
· Shows that chronic stress caused the immune system to
function less adequately…read more

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