stress related illness and the immune system

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  • stress related illness and the immune system
    • Kiecolt-Glaser et al
      • 1984
      • natural experiment
      • effect of stress on illness levels
      • students as pps
      • immune systems measured
        • month before exams
        • after exams
      • immune system decreased during exams
      • stress affects immune system
    • Evans et al
      • acute stress can boost immune system
      • students as pps
      • students gave small talk to other students
        • acute stressor
      • amount of sIgA(antibody)
        • measured
      • higher during talk than before
    • Kiecolt-Glaser et al
      • 2005
      • chronic stressors negatively affect immune system activity
      • lab experiment
      • hostile couples and less hostile couples= pps
      • pps given blister wounds
      • measured time taken for wound to heal
      • hostile couples took longer to heal
      • chronic stressor= negative effect
    • Kiecolt-Glaser et al
      • immune system of women
        • more affected by marital conflict
    • Segerstrom and Miller
      • meta-analysis
      • acute stress boosts immune system
      • chronic stress reduces immune system


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