Fate in the Iliad

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  • Fate in the Iliad
    • Ilium to be destroyed, Zeus wants one of Hera's favourite cities destroyed (4)
    • Thetis on Achilles' situation 'not only doomed to an early death' fate implied (1)
    • Paris is saved by Aphrodite, fate, Trojans  prepared to give Helen back 'black death' look to Paris (3)
    • Athene convinces Pandarus to shoot at Menelaus restarting war (4)
    • Confusing nature, are Gods above?
      • Zeus tries to save Sarpedon (16) & Hector (22) but is convinced not to by Hera & Athene. Choice?
    • Was Apollo angry - Patroclus death or agent of fate (16)
    • Patroclus warns Hector (16), who warns Achilles (22). Both happen
      • Characters deaths also link, words prophetic?
    • Did Diomedes act out of choice when he shouted at Aga? (9)
    • Gods aid = pointless? Apollo helps Hector before, destined to lose (22)
      • Achilles is fated to win undermining Athene


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