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Source # Name of Source Type of Source Author Mind Flashcard
Map s
267 Ischomachus (4th Century BC) Dialogue Xenophon
86 Ciron's Daughter (4th Law-court Isaeus
Century BC) speech
88 Euphiletus/Eratosthenes Law-court Lysias
(400 BC) speech
89 Poisoning Trial (420 BC) Law-court Antiphon
90 Neaera (4th Century BC) Law-court Apollodorus
Greek Sources
Roman Sources
Source # Name of Source Type of Source Author Mind Flashcard
Map s
233 Sabine Women (8th century History Livy
166 The rape of Lucretia (510 History Livy
165 Cloelia (506 BC) History Livy
173 Oppian Law (195 BC) History Livy
408 Vestal Virgins (7th century Biography Plutarch
174 Sempronia (63 BC) History Sallust
71 Clodia (56 BC) Law-court Cicero
69 The problems with women Satire Juvenal
(early 2nd century AD)
168 Turia (end of 1st century BC) Funeral eulogy Turia's
43 Murdia (1st century BC) Funeral eulogy Murdia's son
243 To Calpurnia Hispulla Letter Pliny
(104-108 AD)
244 To Capurnia (104-108 AD) Letter Pliny
245 To Capurnia (104-108 AD) Letter Pliny
246 To Capurnia (104-108 AD) Letter Pliny
247 To Calpurnius Fabatus, Letter Pliny
(104-108 AD)
170 Arria (mid 1st century AD) Letter Pliny
172 Fannia (107 AD) Letter Pliny
262 The death of the Helvidiae Letter Pliny
(104/5 AD)
263 Minicia Marcella (105/6 AD) Letter Pliny
51 Cornelia's noble nature Biography Plutarch

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Cornelia Biography Plutarch
260 A letter from Cornelia to her Letter Cornelia
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