The Crucible Act 1 'Salem'

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  • The Crucible, Act 1 "Salem"
    • "The room gives off an air of clean spareness"
      • Salem is a Puritan community.
        • Simple lifestyle.
        • Church is most important.
        • Children do as they're told.
          • Not listened to.
          • Seen as innocent.
        • Enjoyment is frowned upon.
          • "We did dance, and I'll be whipped if I must be"
            • Harsh punishment evokes fear in the people.
              • People lie to avoid it.
    • "Long held hatreds of neighbours could now be openly expressed."
      • Many grudges.
        • Thirst for revenge.
          • Results in numerous deaths.
      • "Where's my wood?"
    • "My name is good in the village!"
      • Status is important.
      • People judged you quickly.
    • "There is a murdering witch among us"
      • Very superstitious
      • Can't trust anyone
        • Results in fear and accusation.
          • "instantly Abigail points at Tituba"
            • Quick to shrug off blame.
            • Blamed without trial.
              • Unfair justice system.
    • (Hale's books) "they are weighted with authority"
      • Even most educated believe in witches.
      • People blindly follow authority, even if wrong.
      • Reputation is important.


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