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The Play
· Tragedy, allegory
· Salem 1962
· Protagonist: John Proctor
· Antagonist: Abigail Williams
· Foreshadowing: The Title…read more

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· Context
· Plot
· Characters
· Themes
· Dramatic Devices
· Sample Questions…read more

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Arthur Miller
· Born:1915 in New York
· Jewish parents were both immigrants from
Poland who came to America for the religious
freedom attached to 'the American dream'
· Miller's father ran his own tailor's business and
the family were very well off but this was ruined
by the Wall Street Crash
· Arthur saw the failure of the American dream and
of the economic system (known as capitalism) on
which his family had built their hopes of a better
life…read more

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Arthur Miller FURTHER
· 1950s America went through a period of intense fear of
the spread of the anti-capitalist economic system called
· Government organized an investigation to identify
communists and drive them out of positions of influence
known as the 'communist witch hunt'
· Several of Miller's friends, people who might be thought to
influence public opinion, were brought before the House
Committee on Un-American Activities
· When Miller's friend was investigated by the Committee,
the tension between the power of the state and freedom
of the individual became the major theme of `The Crucible'…read more

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