An 'A graded' Essay Example (3)

Here is another essay I wrote, as practise for section A for the English Literature Exam. This looks at a particular theme . This is another A graded answer, which you could use as a guide.

See the link below for  another example of A graded essay answer :) It looks at a character question.

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Explore how Miller presents the conflict exisitng between individual choice and social
expectation in `The Crucible'

`The Crucible' written by Arthur Miller is a great example of an allegory which explores the conflict
existing between individual choices and social expectations. In Salem the society may have power
over certain individuals…

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broken this by having an affair with the leecher, Proctor. The charming girl is desperate to have
relationship with him, even though this is against social expectations as she sweetly talks to him, "You
are no wintry man", a metaphor which creates a positive reflection of Mr Proctor. She exposes…

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these authorities are frail then society must be too. This confides to why conflicts are existing
between individual choices and social expectations.

End of act three Miller presents conflicts existing between individual choice and social expectations
when Proctor outbursts blasphemous. Proctor is pressured by Danforth to confess but he refuses…


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