The Crucible

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  • The Crucible
    • Characters
      • Betty Parris
        • She is attention seeking to get her father to pay attention to her.
        • She plays along with what people say but it's obvious she was listening to the others conversations
        • "I'll fly ro mama. Let me fly!" Suggested by Mrs Putnam
        • "You drank blood, Abby!  You didn't tell him that!"
        • Betty is 10 years old.
      • Reverend Samuel Parris
        • Parris is the minister for Salem but he is disliked by many of the town. He worries about his reputation.
        • Parris is a widower with no interest in children which shows he is a bad father
        • he is a very spiritual man and when there is a crisis with Betty he turns to God for help
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