The Conquest of England 1066

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  • The Conquest of England 1066
    • Edward the Confessor
      • Died 1066
      • Was Married to Edith, Earl Godwin's daughter
      • Four contenders wanted the throne
      • The church was very important to him
      • was in reign from 8th of June 1042 to 5th January 1066
    • Harold  Godwinson
      • His sister married Edward
      • Earl Godwin was  his father and the most important in England excluding the King
      • He was named the Subregulus by the king.
      • Harold's father died a few days after  he suffered a stroke.
      • Harold was promoted to the role of Earldom at the age of 27
      • Harold was sent to William by Edward. He was made to swear fealty to William  and confirm the offer of William's succession in 1052 by an oath.
      • In November 1052, Edward suffered the first of a series of strokes. By December it was clear that he was unlikely to survive.
    • William Duke of Normandy
      • The fact that he was a bastard caused some uproar from various Norman barons.
      • In 1051, William claimed that he was invited to London by Edward
        • He claimed that Edward had  declared him his successor
      • Was crowned on Xmas day 1066 after he defeated Harold Godwinson as the Battle Of Hastings
    • Harald Hardrada
      • Was born to  a noble man  who ruled a small part of Norway
      • Was known to be a famous Warrior
      • After King Magnus died, Harald took sole custody of Norway.
      • Tostig Harold Godwinsons brother, had fled England after he was going to be killed. He went to Norway.
        • When he fled to Norway he went to Hardrada to convince him that his own brother was hated by Northern English
          • Tostig  persuaded the King to invade England and take the English throne.










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