The Norman Conquest: A Timeline

A timeline of key events regarding the 'Norman Conquest' of William the Conqueror.

I hope it is useful, please tell me if I have made any mistakes as this was done as a way to test my memory, so it is likely that there are some errors :)

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Edward The Confessor becomes King.…read more

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The Godwinsons (the most important family
in England) are exiled after Godwin refused
to punish those involved in the fight at
Meanwhile: William is supposedly promised
the crown by Edward.…read more

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The Godwinsons return, some people say
that Edward became Godwin's puppet.…read more

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Godwin dies, Harold Godwinson is now the
second most important man in the country,
after the King as becomes the Earl of
Wessex.…read more

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William wins a battle against France, this
shows his ability as a soldier.…read more

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Preview of page 7

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