The Collapse of Farming

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  • The Collapse of Farming
    • Many British farmers are selling their farms
      • Farming is unrewarding: Farmers work 12 hour days for 7 days a week and do not get paid a living wage
      • Record number of farmers selling up was in 2006
    • Income drops
      • The biggest fall in incomes from farming was from 1996 and 2001/2
        • Average net farm incomes fell from £80,000 to £2,500
        • Recovery in 2002/3: average net income rose to £12,500
    • Milk prices
      • Costs 21p per litre to produce
      • Cheap EU milk forced prices down to 18.5p/litre
      • Tesco now pay 22p per litre
      • Impacts
        • Farmers are selling dairy cows and some are changing to beef cattle
        • Farmers may change to growing cereals, and ploughing will alter the landscape
    • Price of wheat
      • Costs £95 per tonne to produce
      • Including the EU subsidy, farmers earned £115 per tonne for wheat
      • Impacts
        • More chemicals used to increase profits; loss of biodiversity
        • More large machinery uses narrow country lanes


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