Rebranding Farming

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  • Rebranding Farming
    • Farming in crisis
      • The prices paid to farmers are not enough to earn a decent living
      • Farm incomes fell sharply between 1973 and 2003, from £80,000 to £2500 but recovering to £12,500 in 2003
      • At an hourly rate, farmers get paid less than minimum wage
    • Why has farming collapsed?
      • 69% of farmers rely on farming for their entire income
      • Many have to take a second, part-time job just to leave, meaning 100% of their focus is not on farming!
      • The strength of the pound: Between 1996 and 2007, the pound increased in value against the Euro by 33%, making imported food cheaper
      • The power of supermarkets: competition between supermarkets has lead to prices being forced down to attract customers, so farmers get paid less
    • New life on the land?
      • Embracing tourism - tourists have a chance to see and understand how a farm works
      • Focusing on higher-value products such as wine or cheese
      • Adopting eco-friendly approaches to managing the environment,kinder fertilizer
      • Adopting welfare approaches towards animals, which focus on care
    • Lobb's Farm Shop in South Cornwall
      • Instead of just focusing on veg and livestock, they now produce cheese, wine and ice cream
      • They have set up a farm shop that attracts the more "healthier way" to eat
      • Has a visitors information centre, informing them about the farm and giving tours of the 800 acres land
      • It means to improve the environmental quality by attracting birds through bird seed


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