English GCSE - The Charge of the Light Brigade

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  • The Charge of the Light Brigade - Alfred Tennyson
    • What's it about?
      • Describes a battle between British cavalry and Russian forces during the Crimean War. Due to a misunderstanding the Light Brigade were told to advance even though they were only armed with swords and the Russians had guns.
    • Form
      • Narrated in 3rd person which makes it seem like a story. The relentless rhythm imitates the pace and energy of the battle.
    • Structure
      • Tells the story in chronological order and certain phrases are repeated throughout.
    • Repitition
      • Creates a sense of impending doom and that the failure is inevitable. "The six hundred" is repeated  to show that large numbers of men were killed.
    • Violent language
      • Poet uses powerful verbs and adjectives to show violence.
    • Heroic language
      • Poet uses respectful language to show the bravery of the soldiers.
    • Admiration
      • The poet admires the sacrifice the soldiers made - they were determined to obey orders even though they knew they would die.
    • Disbelief
      • He is shocked by the stupidity of the orders sent to the men.
    • Horror
      • Suggested that the poet is horrified by the violence in the battle.
    • Comparisons
      • Effects of conflict - Poppies, Futility; Reality of battles - Bayonet Charge; Patriotism - next to of course god i america.


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