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  • next to of course god america i - E E Cummings
    • What's it about?
      • It is a parody of an American pro-war speech and the last line makes it clear that the poem does not reflect the poets own opinions.
    • Form
      • The first 13 lines are 1st person and the last is 3rd person. The 14 lines may mimic a sonnet layout but the serious form is undermined by the content.
    • Structure
      • The first 13 lines are in speech marks with fragments of full sentences. There is very little punctuation which makes the entire poem confusing and meaningless.
    • Patriotic language
      • Sounds noble but only in an ironic way. It is an anti-war poem that makes fun of pro-war patriots.
    • Rhetorical language
      • The poet uses clichés and exaggerations to build up to the emotive end.
    • Sarcasm
      • The poet is mocking the speaker and none of the points are finished or explained
    • Challenging patriotism
      • The poem challenges the idea of patriotism and sacrifice something to be complacent about.
    • Anti-war sentiments
      • Raises serious issues about death and whether we are too gullible.
    • Comparisons
      • Causes of conflict - Hawk Roosting, The Yellow Palm, The Right Word; Patriotism - The Charge of the Light Brigade, Flag.


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