English GCSE - Mametz Wood

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  • Mametz Wood - Owen Sheers
    • What's it about?
      • Farmers find skeletons of soldiers who died in France during WW1.
    • Form
      • Written in tercets (3 line stanzas) and in 3rd person. It gives the feeling of distance and sadness.
    • Structure
      • Builds up chronologically to the present by stanza 5. The tone and pace don't change and images of the past are there throughout.
    • Personification
      • The Earth is shown as someone who needs healing but is guarding the memory of the soldiers.
    • Figurative language
      • Contains similes/ metaphors to create images of farmland and past events.
    • Past and present
      • Archaeology is mixed with natural images of the present.
    • Sadness
      • Mournful/lyrical tone suggest a calm sadness for the dead young soldiers.
    • Understated horror
      • Horror of their death feels distant but is shown through small details. Even the awful images of the bones in presented gently.
    • Memory
      • Containts images of nature making sure the soldiers aren't forgotten. Strong sense that the past shouldn't be forgotten.
    • Comparisons
      • Reality of battles - Charge of the Light Brigade, Bayonet Charge; Nature - The Falling Leaves; Death - Out of the Blue.


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