English Language GCSE Notes

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English Language Revision GAP: Genre, Audience, Purpose Genre: the type of text eg: recipe, direction, advert. Audience: whom the text is for eg: age group, certain level of qualifications, gender. Purpose: what is text is meant to do eg: explain, inform, persuade.   LIST: Language, Information, Style, Tone Language: form of language that is used eg: persuasive, emotive Information: what is presented to you in the text eg: facts, opinions Style: presentational features eg: colours, illustrations, fonts, symbols Tone: how the subject is put across eg: formal, serious, light-hearted   Writing to Argue: an argument is an issue that can have different views/opinions. ·      bold opening statement, making the point clear. ·      continue argument with first point. ·      follow argument with a second point. ·      show opposing side to the argument in third point. ·      conclude your personal views/opinions with a powerful statement.   Writing to Persuade: a piece of persuasive writing is written to try and change the opinion of the reader.   A FOREST: Anecdotes, Facts, Opinions, Rhetorical Questions, Emotive Language, Similes/Metaphors, Triplets. ·      Anecdotes: give an example that has happened to you or someone else that back up your view. ·      Facts…



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